That which you keep dies with you, that which you share lives on.

Posted by tinythoughtguy on February 2, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Certainly most of you know that the physical possessions we “own” are left behind when we die, but how many have considered that we also leave behind all of the non-physical gifts and experiences we have been bestowed with?

Having been fortunate enough to spend time as a volunteer in a hospice it really hit home one day how everyone has talents, gifts and experiences and, unless these are shared with others, they will disappear from this physical plain when we do. By sharing our uniqueness, whether it is art, music, the lessons we’ve learned, our personal experiences or even a kind word, when we pass our gifts on to others what we share will remain once we are gone.

I want to be clear here on one last point: this aphorism is not about ego and creating a legacy to honour yourself. The idea I am trying to convey is that by sharing our unique piece of the puzzle others will be able to build on it and propel themselves forward on their journey.


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