What our mind does resist there our energy does persist.

Posted by tinythoughtguy on February 16, 2015 at 2:30 AM

Whether it’s a lion, a turtle, a problem at work, a problem with a spouse etc., the fact is that when we try not to think about something, that process itself will cause us to think about what we didn’t want to think about. And, the more we think about something the more energy we give it. Did you know that when you have a thought you are physically creating chemical and electrical changes in your body (Dr. Joe Dispenza has written several great books on this subject, as has Dr. Bruce Lipton, and I can’t do the topic justice, so I would strongly recommend their books to anyone wanting to know more about the topic)?

Suffice it to say, from what I gathered from the work of the aforementioned authors, as we continue to resist something, the more energy we devote to it, the more that ‘something’ becomes part of our physical make up. Take a moment for this to sink in (or is that ‘think in’?)….Let me repeat, the more we try not to think about something, the more we resist that ‘something’, the more physical connections to that ‘something’ we create within our body!

I know that there is debate as to whether our thoughts have the power to change our external reality, but to realize that our thoughts can ‘hardwire’ that which we are so desperately trying to resist, into our physical bodies, is a powerful tool. By becoming aware of this truth we come to see that we can also re-wire ourselves to exclude that which we do not want, that which we are resisting. To focus on the status quo, when status quo is not what you want, is counterproductive.

Perhaps it would help to think of situations this way - even if we are faced with a situation over and over again, no situation is exactly the same as it was, and thus, the outcome does not have to be exactly the same as it was.

By focusing on what we want, regardless of what is before us, we are creating the physical changes that will benefit us rather than continue to hinder us. From the research thus far these changes can happen exceptionally fast and they do not have to take years or even months.

Investigations into epigenetics, neuroplasticity, and psychoneuroimmunology are providing proof positive that we can transform our lives, that we don’t need to stay stuck in old patterns, yet all of these fields reinforce one fact: when we cease to resist what we do not wish, our minds and bodies are empowered to change.

What you resist, persists.” -Carl Jung
"But I say unto you; That ye resist not evil.” -Bible (Matt 5:39)
Remember, where your attention goes your energy flows.” –Jack Canfield & D.D. Watkins


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