Complicated Issues

Posted by tinythoughtguy on March 17, 2014 at 5:40 PM

I still have yet to decide if these blog posts are worth the time and effort to do on a regular basis, or if it is best to just add a thought when I have something to say. Also, I don’t know if people prefer an in-depth discussion or do people just want the “sound bite.”  If you have any thoughts please feel free to respond.

For now, something that has become more apparent to me in recent weeks, is that people who would prefer not to deal with an issues seem to find refuge in saying that, “It’s a complicated/complex issue." When it came to smoking, people who liked smoking would say that there was no link between cancer and smoking. As the battle heated up, and evidence mounted, the argument shifted to “It’s a complicated issue.” As the climate changes around the world, people will often say that we shouldn’t assume that humans are to blame because “It is a complicated issue.”  Moving the Fukushima reactors prior to the meltdown was “A complicated issue”, World hunger = “A complicated issue”, Cancer = “A complicated issue” , World peace= …you get the point. Now I’m not saying these aren’t complicated issues, what I am saying is that if we sit on the sidelines every time we have “A complicated issue” where do we end up?

LIFE is a complicated issue and if we chose to live life, we will have to eventually face complicated issues; therefore, isn’t it better to face complicated issues before they become catastrophic issues? If you doubt what I am saying, do an internet search on the Pine Beetle infestation in BC, Canada. What started as “A complicated issue” in a small part of the forest will now wipe out 70+% of the pine trees in the province!! While we sit and contemplate “complicated” life moves on and in hindsight we see that “A complicated issue” was only complicated because it was a convenient excuse to do nothing. I don’t think it is a coincidence that often the people who see the problem as complicated are often the same people that benefit from the status quo. Everything is “A complicated issue” until we decide otherwise.

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