Connecting you to some amazing people ~past and present~ in the field of personal development/self-help/success, as well as organizations that are doing their part to make the world a better place.

  • Please take a moment to visit these websites. At NO COST to you, no signing up, and in less than a minute it is possbile to help several causes. Animals, the rainforest, cancer treatment and several othe causes. Make a difference, it only takes a moment.

  • I wanted to include some links for people whose work I admire and enjoy, even though they are no longer among the living. Their words and thoughts are just as powerful now as they were when they were first shared and I am forever grateful that they took the time to put pen to paper.

  • Although I believe that the people listed here could also fall into the main category, I thought it would good to create a separate section for people that have a greater affinity for business success.