Photos - Updated July 2015 Photos - Updated July 2015 Out of the corner of my eye 199088375 Mental Constipation 199088374 198607775 198607773 198607776 Open your heart When we want to see we open our eyes, when we want to hear we open our ears, when we want to know, we open our hearts. 191503306 190415803 Together 190175690 Soaring eagle 190175691 Flowers bloom for whom? 190175693 Share That which you keep dies with you, That which you share lives on. 191146664 Thoughts are things 190175689 Friends 190175692 Love with an open hand If you love something, hold it with an open hand, not a closed fist. 190175694 A beautiful day Because of the clouds a sunrise is made even more beautiful. 190892537 Appreciation One of the surest ways to lose something is to take it for granted. 191366698 Save the bees 191366766 Book Cover - Tiny Thoughts for Personal Transformation The object on the cover is known as an Inukshuk. The Inuit of the far North build these from small rocks and then use them as guides/markers to help them find their way in a desolate landscape. To me, this is a perfect symbol for this book because the information in the book is intended to assist people in finding their way on this journey through life. Sometimes the journey can be long and hard and having some small signs left by previous travellers can make things a little clearer and easier. 187685741 The obstacles you see before you... 198685105