Latest book:
Tiny Thoughts to Expand your Mind: change your thoughts, change your life
ISBN: 978-1987845013

The second book:
More Tiny Thoughts for Personal Transformation: change your thoughts, change your life
ISBN: 978-0968683170

The first book in the series:
Tiny Thoughts for Personal Transformation: change your thoughts, change your life
ISBN: 978-0968683132

What some readers have said about the "Tiny Thoughts" books:

"This book contains insightful thoughts on simple yet important aspects of life. I hope readers will find them useful in their daily lives."
- His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

"Thank you for the books, I agree with the wisdom they contain."
- Dr. Bernie Siegel, best-selling author of: Love, Medicine and Miracles; Prescriptions for Living; and his latest books, A Book of Miracles and The Art of Healing.

"Not So Tiny Thoughts."
- Leonard Roy Frank, Human rights activist, aphorist and author of: Random House Webster's Quotationary, Inspiration: The Greatest Things Ever Said, and Influencing Minds: A Reader in Quotations.

"Karl Schmidt's tiny books are a joy to read and they contain many powerful ideas to assist you on your journey."
- Dan Poynter, book publishing authority and author of The Self-Publishing Manual.

"Universal in their truths, quotes from 'A Tiny Book of Thoughts' inspire the reader to reflect and ponder issues related to personal attitudes, values and principles. This may well be the author's greatest gift to readers: to question oneself."
- Amy Dauphinee, kindness crusader and columnist for "BeKind", the first syndicated North American kindness column.
Thank you so much for your wonderful books – your quotes are marvelous and our readers will love them…Your Thoughts and energy are deeply appreciated.”

- Lee Simonson, Publisher of Heartwarmers and Petwarmers

Small books with big wisdom.”
- Peace Pilgrim II – renown peace advocate and author of Enjoying the Journey.

Tiny thoughts - - tiny but profound is all I can say! Very, very inspiring!”
 - Lauren MacLauclan, author of The Law of Attraction ‘How–to’ Book

A wonderful collection of introspective and inspiring thoughts that can change your life.”
- L. Fownes

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