This book is a collection of short, concentrated thoughts and aphorisms that are intended to give the reader new insights and a different perspective on life. The thoughts and aphorisms were derived from personal meditations and experiences and some are accompanied by a small graphic to help the reader retain the information. No explanations are provided to allow you to contemplate the meaning of the aphorisms as they apply to you, your relationships, and life in general. Although the thoughts are quick to read, it is only through contemplation that the reader will get the full benefit of the material.
Here are some thoughts that people have shared about the Tiny Book of Thoughts series thus far:

Thank you for the books (A Tiny Book of Thoughts and A Tiny Book of Thoughts Too), I agree with the wisdom they contain.”  
- Dr. Bernie Siegel, best-selling author of such notable books as, Love, Medicine and Miracles, and Prescriptions for Living.

Karl Schmidt’s tiny books are a joy to read and they contain many powerful ideas to assist you on your journey.”
- Dan Poynter, book publishing authority and author of The Self-Publishing Manual.

“Delightful and thought-provoking.”
- Andrew Matthews, author of “Follow your Heart

Universal in their truths, quotes from “A Tiny Book of Thoughts” inspire the reader to reflect and ponder issues related to personal attitudes, values and principles. This may well be the author's greatest gift to readers: to question oneself.”
- Amy Dauphinee, kindness crusader and columnist for “BeKind”, the first syndicated North American kindness column.

Thank you so much for your wonderful books – your quotes are marvelous and our readers will love them…Your Thoughts and energy are deeply appreciated.”
- Lee Simonson, Publisher of Heartwarmers and Petwarmers

Small books with big wisdom.”
- Peace Pilgrim II – renown peace advocate and author of Enjoying the Journey.

Tiny thoughts - - tiny but profound is all I can say! Very, very inspiring!”
 - Lauren MacLauclan, author of The Law of Attraction ‘How–to’ Book

A wonderful collection of introspective and inspiring thoughts that can change your life.”
- L. Fownes